About Zauron and this site

Zauron's Lair is mostly just a place to download a variety of stuff I (Zauron) have made independantly, mostly related to video games.

If you have questions or comments about this site or anything on it, you can contact me via e-mail using my internet name at this site's domain name (z_____@z_____.n__).

So who am I?

I am mostly known on the internet as Zauron, although I also go by the name Rubikant sometimes. I am the sole owner, creator, and maintainer of this site's content.

As of 2015 I'm a 37-year-old male, happily married to an English teacher since I was 21, we have a cute tiny dog named Widget and no children.

Currently I am the Game Director, Programmer, and Co-founder for an indie game development studio called Crazy Viking Studios. Previous to that I worked as a game programmer for handheld games company Griptonite. I'm a huge video game geek and have been since the early Atari days. I've been a self-taught programmer since age 7, always with the goal of designing and programming games.

I made most of the content you see on this site before working in the industry directly, as well as a bunch of stuff that's not on here (the stuff not on here is missing because it doesn't work any more on modern computers or the platform it was made for is now obsolete). In fact, it was one of the products found here, Minebot Arena, that helped me get my foot in the door and join the game development industry.

My interests are pretty much entirely related to gaming or the making of games, so if you aren't into that kind of thing, you'll find me to be pretty dull. I like most genres of video games, although I'm not a fan of sports games, and I'm less of a fan of FPS's than many younger gamers. I'm particularly fond of 'old school games', preferring 2D over 3D for many genres but also love many 3D games as well such as Dark Souls and the Monster Hunter series. I also have a strong fondness for side-scrolling platformers (especially Metroidvania-style) and fighting games (especially Smash Bros Melee, which I used to go to tournaments for, although I'm not a fan of Brawl due to its slower pace and less-competitive nature).